Sponsoractie voor Amelia: Het resultaat is….

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Amelia, het zusje van onze leerlingen Timmy, Josh en Spencer is ziek. Zij heeft 2 snel groeiende tumoren achter haar ogen. In Nederland kon ze niet snel geholpen worden dus is ze voor behandeling met haar moeder naar Chicago (Amerika) gegaan. Om hun financieel te steunen hebben de jongens samen met een aantal docenten een sponsoractie opgezet. Leerlingen en collega’s die meeliepen aan de CPC konden zich laten sponsoren. Vandaag is de cheque met het mooie bedrag van € 2.150,- door dhr. Kloos uitgereikt aan de moeder van de jongens, hun zusje Amelia en de broers zelf.

Dit bedrag is bij elkaar gebracht door o.a. de leerlingen Neslihan, Sümeyye, Emine, Züleyha, Ömer, Tuba, Kalina, Mhamed, Rehab, Sanjana, Oliwia, Figen, Lea, Missy, Anna, Diana, Halil, Krisztofer, Aya, Laura, Alison, Jagoda, Yuzhong, Ergün, Tuoi, Halina, Milosz, Jakub, Julia, Mauricio, Shariq, Tony, Lawrence, Jan, Emine, Seray, Ahmed, Giya, Izabela, Simaab, Anna, Esra, Amir, Ahmet, Sandra, Yudzhel, Melissa, Agnes, Elzahra, Nisanur, Dawid, Gabriela, Gabriela, Emmanuella, Yiwen, Yasmine, Nour, Ahmed, Soemaira, Victoria, Dina, Norhan, Safia, Maissae, Ramya en Diana. Zij zijn gesponsord door klasgenoten, familieleden, vrienden, buren, enz.

Mw. de Looij heeft 10 km gelopen tijdens de CPC. Zij heeft zich laten sponsoren door mw. de Jonge, mw. Torial, dhr. Moen, mw. Peeters, mw. Mol, dhr. Wessels, mw. Goli, dhr. Kloos, dhr. Ongering, dhr. Waltman, mw. Sies, mw. Stoll, dhr. van Steijn, dhr. Luiten, dhr. van der Laan, mw. Dam, mw. Meeuwisse, dhr. Dekker, dhr.  Darwish, mw. Bruin-Raven, mw. Mahmoud en mw. Westendorp.

Naast alle bovengenoemde namen zijn er nog meer mensen die een bijdrage hebben gedaan. Timmy, Josh, Spencer en hun familie bedanken iedereen voor hun bijdrage. Josh heeft een brief geschreven die hieronder te lezen is.

Als Edith Stein College zijn we trots op iedereen die eraan heeft bijgedragen om de actie tot een succes te maken. Samen sta je sterk! Bedankt allemaal!

Hi, my name is Joshua Uyleman, and I’m here to tell the story of my baby sister and of the amazing effort my community, and this school particularly, gave to support her. You may or may not know my story, but you have probably heard about my baby sister already. Her name is Amelia. She’s 4 years old, and she is an extremely sweet little girl. She loves to play with dolls and sing and dance, just like every little girl, but she has one major difference about her, she has cancer. It didn’t start out like that though, we never thought it would get to that. So how did we get to this point, here, to the Edith Stein College, in the Hague, Netherlands. Well, it started all the way back, in Washington State, America.

My sister was born with a bowed leg, something that wasn’t supposed to happen. We thought we could deal with it, we couldn’t. Between amputations and medical bills there isn’t much room for enjoyment. Soon after that, the news came that we were moving. Why were we moving? The amputation of my sister’s leg.

Moving to Dallas, Texas, a world away. I remember the trip vividly, the road, never ending, taking me to a place I’d never been. A year later, we had friends, a life, a new family, everything we ever wanted. My sister also had one leg, a diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis Type 1, and possible tumors behind her eyes. While I had a dog, she had a prosthesis.

The bills were adding up, which makes sense, after all, we were hot stuff in the emergency room. Day in, day out, we couldn’t handle it. We had to move again. This time it was across the ocean, because we had ambitions. We were going to Europe, to the country I was born in. Wow, I’d never been to Amsterdam before!

Enter Edith Stein, a place far far away, a place i’d never dream i’d go. Turns out this same place helped my family out in a desperate time. Those possible tumors had become a big problem with my sister, growing much faster than expected, and so there was a dire sense of urgency to get good health care. The problem was, the doctors in holland were too slow, and if we waited for them, my sister would lose her vision in one eye.

We had to act fast, so we chose to visit the best doctors in the world for this sort of thing, but they were situated in America, so Mom and Amelia had to go while we stayed behind. During this time, something magical happened. My school, Edith Stein College, organized a project to help my sister’s financial needs. See, we needed help, we didn’t have our insurance covering our costs, and that was a big problem for us, especially when we were searching for healthcare in America. So they organized projects to raise money for my sister. There was a bake sale, fundraising, and even a 10K! My whole school pulled together a total amount of 2150, contributing a considerable portion of the overall donations.

Thankfully, my sister will now be ok, and the costs of the surgeries and following chemotherapy are covered, and we have all of our donors to thank, especially our school, which gave us strength and support in a difficult time. I want to thank every single person that gave money to my sister, because it was a team effort, it wasn’t just you or him or me or her, no, it was all of us that made this effort, and you helped us get on top.

Thank you,

Joshua Uyleman

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