Welcome schoolyear 2020 / 2021

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Dear parents and students,

After a special school year, I hope you enjoyed a well-deserved summer vacation. I also hope that your battery has been charged for the coming schoolyear in which we will undoubtedly again face the necessary challenges.

In this letter you will find information about:

  • Quarantine after vacation
  • Keeping distance
  • Ventilation in school
  • With or without a mouth mask
  • Together we keep corona under control
  • Tuesday, September 1
  • 1st school week from Wednesday September 2

Quarantine after vacation

Are you returning from vacation in a country that is subject to the urgent advice of 10 days at home quarantine? Then you and your son or daughter are not allowed to go to school or the playground for 10 days. School will not report absenteeism for students who, due to urgent home quarantine advice, are not able to go to school immediately after the summer holidays. The mentor will consult with you and your son / daughter about how the education can be implemented these days.

Keeping distance

At school, students do not have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. Not even if they are 18 or older. Pupils and educational (support) staff keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

Ventilation in school

In recent weeks, much has been said about the role of ventilation in buildings in the spread of the corona virus. However, recommendations from the RIVM show that there is currently no reason for the ventilation in buildings to deviate from the current requirements that schools must meet. We have checked whether our building meets these requirements. This is indeed the case. In addition, we will ventilate / flush the rooms as much as possible during lessons and lesson changes by opening windows / doors (facing each other).

Whether or not to use mouth masks in school

Following the guidelines of the RIVM, there is no obligation for both students and employees in school to use mouth masks. Pupils and employees may choose to wear a mouth mask themselves. For example if they like to do this for their own state of mind.

Together we keep corona under control.

Only together can we keep the spread of the virus under control. That is why the following basic rules also apply at the start of this new school year:

  • We often wash our hands with soap and water.
  • We cough and sneeze on the inside of our elbow.
  • After school we go straight home.
  • Adults keep a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Students keep a distance of 1.5 meters from the staff.
  • Do you have mild complaints? Get tested and stay home until the results of the test are known.

Scattered throughout the building are the Rules in Our School and Rules in the Classroom posters to remind students and teachers of these and other rules.

Tuesday, September 1

On Tuesday, September 1, the pupils will come back to school for the first time to pick up their books and meet their classmates and mentor. There will be different activities this day and the end times will therefore also differ. The students will arrive at school as follows.

  • The 1st classes are expected at 08.30 and gather in the auditorium.
  • The 2nd classes are expected at 09.00 and gather in the auditorium.
  • The ISK classes are expected at 10.00 and also gather in the auditorium.
  • The middle classes are expected at 10.30 and gather in the following rooms:
    • 23VT in room 2.12
    • 3h1 in room 2.10
    • 3h2 in room 2.11
    • 3v1 in room 1.01
    • 3v2 in room 1.02
    • 3m1 in room 2.06
    • 3m2 in room 2.07
    • 3m3 in room 2.09
    • 4m1 and 4m2 in the gym.
  • The upper classes (4h, 5h, 4v, 5v and 6v) will be notified this week at what time they should be where.

1st school week from Wednesday, September 2:

There is a shortened timetable in the first week. The lessons last half an hour and there is only one break. Classes will end at 1pm in the first week.

There is an introductory program in the afternoon for the 1st classes throughout the week. For the other classes there are activities on Friday afternoon.

We can’t wait to meet the students (again) and teach them “live” again.

Also on behalf of the staff of Edith Stein College, with kind regards,

Gert-Jan Kloos (Rector)

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